December 9, 2013

"Queen" by Tianxiao Zhang (

Model: MOUNA TRAORÉ (Spot 6)

October 29, 2013

Spot 6's LINDSAY by Nathan Cyprys (
Wardrobe Stylist: Courtney Draycott
Hair/MUA: Anita Clementi

October 16, 2013

Spot 6's HANNAH by Kyrsten Galang (

This recent creative is part of a series of work based solely on the models natural beauty.”


October 9, 2013

Peggi Lepage's / Spot 6's ADRIEN REYNOLDS by Alexandra Votsis

Makeup: WIndy Chiu (

September 26, 2013

Spot 6's MACK CLARK & DYLAN KWACZ, by Tianxiao Zhang(


makeup & hair: Nicole Soo (

September 24, 2013

Spot 6's JESSICA by Eric Tavares 

"Fade To Black"
Textures in leather and skins along with rough lace and bold touches of gold creates a stoic shadow goddess.

Make-up &Hair: Jenelle Forde
Wardrobe Stylist: Jacqueline Truong

August 21, 2013

Today’s tomorrow, by Patrick Lacsina, featuring: 

JAMES (Next Canada)
FERAS (Push)
NADIYA (Elite)
CHRIS (Elmer Olsen)
HAPPY (Next Canada)
TENZIN (Next Canada)
WARREN (Elite)
NICOLE (Spot 6)
ZAK (Spot 6)
ALISA (Want)
KRISTIN (Next Canada)
MAK (Elite)
HARI (Spot 6)

May 3, 2013

Spot 6's ADRIEN REYNOLDS by Tianxiao Zhang(



Makeup and hair: Kestra Illiatovitch-Goldman
Illustration: Yao Ji

February 28, 2013

MUA: Amanda Blair Roberson
Stylist: Rebecca Kwan
Assistant: To Cheuk Yin
Photo #1
White Sleeveless trench - Michael Kors
Houndstooth Dress- Stylists Own
Photo #2, #3
black beanie - american apparel
netting - Neverens 
White Motorcycle jacket - Urban Behaviour 
Chain Necklace - H&M
White Collared shirt -club monaco 
Leggings- models own 
Heels- Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s 
Photo #4, #5
Thrifted Ombre Dress - Stylists own
Leggings - american apparel
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s
Photo #6, #7, #8
Black Leather cut out shirt - zara
Leggings - american apparel
Heels - Jeffrey Campbells Litas

August 29, 2012

Ford's MELISSA & Spot 6's ALEX by Johann Bona


"We simply wanted a little naughtiness in fashion."

Stylist: Reese Evans
Hair & Make-up: Rachel Williams

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