January 27, 2014

"Throwback Kid," by Shannon Hamilton (www.shannonhamiltonphotography.com)

Model: KYLE (Images, Sutherland Models)
Grooming: Nikola Syhatheb
Styling: Vanessa Sanchez

November 27, 2013

"Lingerie & Louboutins," by Jeffrey Chan

Model: KRISTEN VANDER HOEVEN (Chantale Nadeau / Sutherland)
Makeup/Hair: Rillie Javellana

November 21, 2013

A study of natural light on a very overcast day,” by Erwyn

Model: AMBER PYPER (Chantale Nadeau / Sutherland)

Makeup: Siobhan Carriere

September 27, 2013

Chantale Nadeau / Sutherland's JOLY ANN, by Jeffrey Chan.

"Patterns & Clean Lines.  Ready for Fall."

Styling: Jaclyn Bonavota, Judy Inc.
Makeup/Hair: Paulina Greco

September 2, 2013

Sutherland Models' CATE CHANT, by Erwyn (erwynblog.tumblr.com)

"When I found out that Cate was a horse back rider it was a no brainer that I had to shoot her with my horses. On a last minute’s notice she came out to my farm and I quickly photographed her while the thunderheads built up to the east and threatened to cut our time short. Thankfully Cate needed minimal direction and we beat the rain."

Hair & makeup: Irene Sy

August 30, 2013

Sutherland ModelsASHTYN by Richard Dubois


Hair and makeup: Paul Venoit


July 18, 2013

Sutherland's JOLY ANN, by Glensius Cal (@glensiuscal)

Stylist: Ofelia Liu
Makeup: Kestra Goldman

April 25, 2013

Chantale Nadeau's / Sutherland's ALEXIS ARMOUR, by Erwyn (erwynblog.tumblr.com)

"This was a shoot that almost didn’t happen as it was raining and the model was driving in from out of town. She called and asked if it was worth it… I crossed my fingers and told her to come anyway.  We shot everything in the sun with no direction or plan other than to be inspired by our surroundings."

March 19, 2013

Chantale Nadeau / Sutherland's TY STATES, by Erwyn (erwynblog.tumblr.com)

"We had the privilege to shoot in a friend’s home but it was getting dark and I wanted to shoot with available light.  From the time the brush touched Ty’s face until we packed up was about an hour. I love working with professionals."

Hair & Makeup: Shawnna Downing

December 13, 2012

Ford's MARTA and Sutherland's ATLAS, by Justin Aranha


"Marta and Atlas in androgynous looks"

Stylist: Kate Corbett (Plutino Group)
Hair/Makeup: Natalie Ventola (Plutino Group)

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