August 23, 2013

Next Canada's BRITTANY, by Racky Diack

Stylist: Marie-Ève Venne
MUA: Susan Morales @ Gloss Artistes
Retouch: Nadia Nadeau High End Retouching Artist

August 21, 2013

Today’s tomorrow, by Patrick Lacsina, featuring: 

JAMES (Next Canada)
FERAS (Push)
NADIYA (Elite)
CHRIS (Elmer Olsen)
HAPPY (Next Canada)
TENZIN (Next Canada)
WARREN (Elite)
NICOLE (Spot 6)
ZAK (Spot 6)
ALISA (Want)
KRISTIN (Next Canada)
MAK (Elite)
HARI (Spot 6)

August 16, 2013

Next's SOPHIA, by Riley Stewart (@RileyJStewart).

"This story is an exploration of afternoon light.  Sophia is not wearing any make-up, she does not have her hair done and there was no styling involved.  It is a series that portray’s the true beautify of Sophia."


July 16, 2013

Next Canada's MICHIE by Ryan Francoz (

We wanted to do a clean story with a little bit of edge and a little bit of tomboy sexual tension.”

stylist: Sara Roberts (
makeup & hair: Liz Robertson (

July 11, 2013

Next Canada's YANA by Benjamin Kwan

When I first saw digitals of Yana, I thought she’d be perfect for shoot that focused on her natural beauty.   The series was shot with no makeup (only Chapstick) and Yana’s effortlessness and character clearly comes through.”

Assistant: SAMM

July 10, 2013

Next Canada's  / Chantale Nadeau's MICHIE, by Jane & Jane (

Stylist: Casey Jane

Makeup & hair: Shawnna Downing

April 12, 2013

Next Canada's KATE, by Jeremy Bobrow (

Hair & Makeup: Alexia Bailleron

February 22, 2013

Next Canada's SHELAGH, by Patrick Lacsina (

"Mint Condition"

Makeup & Hair: Diana Mejia


February 8, 2013

Next Canada's SANDRINE CHOINIÈRE, by Jeremy Bobrow (
Moments revived”
Stylist: Vanessa Borris
Makeup: Mika Holborrow
Hair: Judy Bellefeuille
Assistant: Vanessa Tetrault

NAME OF MAKEUP LINE: Vishy, M.A.C, Lancôme



Look #1:

-Robe : Christine Charlebois

-Foulard : Christine Charlebois

-Colier (épaule) : Ék San

-Soulier : Aldo


Look #2:

-Robe : Christine Charlebois

-Foulard : Christine Charlebois

-Colier (épaule) : Ék San

-Soulier : Aldo


Look #3:

-Robe : Christine Charlebois

-Foulard : Christine Charlebois

-Colier (épaule) : Ék San

-Soulier : Aldo


Look #4:

-Robe : Christine Charlebois

-Collet : Christine Charlebois

-Collier : Ék San


Look #5:

-Robe : Christine Charlebois

-Collet : Christine Charlebois

-Collier : Ék San

-Ceinture : LIMITÉ


Look #6:

-Haut : Christine Charlebois

-Pantalon : Christine Charlebois

-Collier : Ék San

-Bracelet : Simons


Look #7:

-Robe : LuShyne (Lucci Rojas)

-Ceinture : LuShyne (Lucci Rojas)

-Collier ( Épaule) : Tamé

-Collier : Ék San

-Bracelet : Forever21


Look #8:

-Robe Manche longue : Christine Charlebois

-Robe (dessus) : LuShyne (Lucci Rojas)

-Collier : Ék San

-Bracelet : Forever21

-Ceinture : Simons

-Soulier: Aldo


Look #9:

-Robe: LuShyne (Lucci Rojas)

-Collant : Givenchy

-Collier : Forever21

-Colliers (Épaules) : Tamé

-Bracelets : H&M

February 5, 2013

Next Canada's LAURA KELL, by Nadia Cheema (@NadiaCheema)

"The story was inspired by showcasing some amazing artisanal jewelry done by some amazing Canadian artists."

Stylist - Alex Moye @ Plutino Group
MUA/Hair - Kelly Armstrong
Photo Assistants - Shane O’Neill and Betty Wang

Look1: Topshop bustier, Myles Sexton body chain and rings

Look2: BCBG top, Topshop choker (worn on head), Mikal Winn ring from Sauvage boutique

Look3: RACHEL Rachel Roy dress, Eliza Kozurno necklace and hand jewellery, Topshop belt
Look4: Topshop Boutique dress, Giles & Brother necklace, Myles Sexton fish one necklace, Eliza Kozurno earrings

Look5A and Look5B: Topshop Unique dress and fringed cardigan, Sainte Genovefa ‘corpse’ body chain, ‘truth’ hand chain, ‘faith’ head chain

Look6:  Aryn K blouse (from Sauvage), Jessica Simpson ‘kiss me’ jeggings, Myles Sexton necklaces, Eliza Kozurno leather cuffs and earrings

Look7: BCBG shirt, Eliza Kozurno suspenders, necklace and earrings, Jessica Simpson ‘kiss me’ jeggings, Mikal Winn ring

Look8: Keepsake the Label (from Sauvage) top, Topshop skirt, Sainte Genovefa ‘dream’ body chain (worn under top), Sainte Genovefa ‘doe’ body chain, Myles sexton eye patch

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